2195 E. Edgewood Dr.
Lakeland, Florida 33803

Feb 19

Exterior of new store.

Exterior of new store.

Interior of new store.

Interior of new store.

Central Florida’s premier store for Aquatic Pets, Supplies, Services & Outdoor Living.

Walk through the doors of FisH2O, and you immediately realize you’ve entered a different world–one where the sounds of moving water mask the noise of outside traffic, where the friendly staff greet you,  where, ceiling to floor, is displayed the full range of products for the aquarium hobbyist, and where aquatic creatures of all shapes and colors wait for you to take them home. When owner Todd Vreeland first opened in August, 2008, as Studio Aquatics, he envisioned a unique, locally-owned saltwater aquarium store. Since then, FisH2O has expanded to include freshwater livestock and supplies, and other items to compliment Central Florida’s outdoor lifestyle. The little store on Lakeland’s South Florida Avenue has become a destination for local hobbyists looking for unique livestock or hard-to-find equipment, and, somewhere along the way, reached its capacity to accommodate a growing inventory and clientele.

The move to our new location…

In mid-2013, Studio Aquatics was re-branded as FisH2O in anticipation of its move to a new and much larger location. Now, after months of construction, the former warehouse on East Edgewood Drive has been transformed into one of the most unusual retail stores in Central Florida. On Saturday, April 5, we opened our doors at this remarkable new location. The centerpiece of our new store is our 1,200 gallon octagonal reef aquarium.

In addition to a full line of salt and fresh water aquarium products, FisH2O now carries a wide assortment of Droll Yankees bird feeders and Wild Delight premium bird seed and feeds. Most recently, we’ve add a line of nature-inspired toys, games and gifts. In the future, additional product lines related to outdoor living will be added or expanded.