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Feb 19

freshwater-fishFreshwater Fish

Keeping it natural…

Though we carry a wide range of freshwater tropical fish, we also specialize in both Old and New World cichlids. Perhaps you’re interested in establishing a hugely-popular Amazon biotope tank. Our FisH2O experts are here to help you choose the right plants, lighting and fish to mirror the unique aquatic environment of the Amazon River. With our emphasis on natural biotopes, we can help you craft a freshwater tank that is beautiful, balanced and self-sustaining.

freshwater_plantsPlanted Tanks

Not your Grandma’s fish tank!

Recent years have seen an explosion in interest among hobbyists in creating and maintaining planted tanks. Planted tanks—either with or without fish—make use of the wide variety of live aquatic plants now available to aquarists to create dramatically-varied underwater landscapes. Planted tanks are unique in that they require proper substrate, balanced nutrition and adequate lighting in order to thrive. At FisH2O, our knowledgeable staff can help you select the right products and plants to create a living, natural-looking and sustainable underwater environment.

fish-familyAquaria & Education

An underwater door to learning

Interestingly, there is a growing body of research that suggests that children who keep pets do better in school, and bring home better grades—particularly in science. By keeping an aquarium, children learn responsibility as well as fundamental lessons in ecology, animal care and animal behavior. In addition, the keeping of an aquarium can become an important family activity leading to far-ranging conversations between parents and children about the natural world.