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Feb 19

koiKoi, Imperial Fish of Japan

No, they’re not overfed goldfish!

Hybridized in 19th Century Japan from native carp, these hardy, long-living fish are prized worldwide for their unique and varied colorations, their adaptability to backyard ponds, and their peaceful, gentle nature. Some koi owners are able to train their prized fish to eat from their hands, and families in Japan are known to have passed prized fish from generation to generation! At FisH2O, we speak koi. We understand the needs of these marvelous pets, and can help you create the perfect environment in which your koi can thrive for years to come.

pondPonds & Water Gardens

A quiet place of beauty in a hectic world

There is no place more tranquil than a beautifully designed and well-maintained backyard pond or water garden. The soothing sounds of falling water, the lush and varied aquatic vegetation, create an attractive and calming addition to any landscape design. In addition to homeowners, many professionals—physicians, dentists, chiropractors and counselors—are finding that such spaces help to reduce their patients’ anxiety during treatment. Whether for your home or your professional office, the knowledgeable staff at Fish2O can work with you to design and install your pond or water garden.

design-installationDesign & Installation

We’re with you all the way

Though you may be intrigued by the possibility of including a pond or water garden in your landscape plan, the prospect of designing and installing such a feature may seem a bit daunting. That’s where we can help. We’ll work with you to design a water feature to fit your needs and your budget. We’ll help you choose the right location, bring together all the various components—liners, pumps, filtration, plants and more—add unique features like fountains or waterfalls, all to create just what you want. We’ll coordinate the installation of your pond or water garden, and take care of all the details from concept to start-up