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Feb 19

Saltwater Fish

fishWith thousands of species available, there’s one you’re sure to like!

In limitless shapes and colors, saltwater fish are the centerpiece of any reef or fish-only tank. We stock and sell only healthy fish, and you’ll have our guarantee on that. Our expert staff can help you select just the right fish for compatibility with your tank and its other inhabitants. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us order it for you.

hermitCorals, Invertebrates & Live Rock

The other inhabitants of your saltwater tank

The cornerstone for a thriving reef tank is live rock. Most experienced reef tank enthusiasts would say you can never have too much. Our live rock is hand-selected and seasoned to provide the best- possible foundation for your reef tank. But that’s just the start. FisH2O’s selection of corals is varied and ever-changing. Stop by—you’ll see our tanks are stocked with healthy, thriving corals, and you can purchase with confidence. Next, add from our wide selection of invertebrates—shrimp, crabs, starfish, urchins, clams and snails—and your reef will be almost complete—just add fish!

hoseMaintenance & Service

The best way to keep your tank healthy and looking its best

Let’s face it—most of us live very busy lives, and aquarium maintenance can sometimes get pushed to the back burner. Our service programs can save you valuable time, and provide you with the confidence that your home or office tank stays healthy and thriving.