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Feb 19

fishbowlThe Importance of Regular Maintenance

Service plans to fit your needs & budget

Whether you have a fish-only office tank, a small planted tank, or an elaborate reef tank in your living room, odds are that regular maintenance is not a task you look forward to performing. Yet, regular maintenance is critical to the health of your livestock and important to keeping your tank looking its best. At FisH2O, we can tailor a service plan to meet your scheduling needs and, at the same time, not break your budget. Call us, or, better yet, drop in and speak to one of our Aquatechs about your needs for regular maintenance.

coral-yellowtangDesign & Installation

From concept to completion

Although we carry a full line of “plug and play” aquarium systems, we also provide custom design services to help you transform your vision—whether it be a full-wall reef tank or a small freshwater tank —into reality. We listen to your ideas, carefully plan according to the constraints of your space and budget, meticulously install, inspect, and start-up your new system, and are always available should any issues surface after installation.


We’re just a phone call away

Given the collective experience of our Aquatechs, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter a problem in your tank that we haven’t already dealt with. Whereas we certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, we’re willing to share what we know, and to point you in the direction of other sources for help and information. Call us at (863) 683-REEF (7333).